LIVE Workshop Building a Membership Platform – The Membership Method™
FREE Live Workshop - Thursday, Oct 17 2019 at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

Confidently Create Your Membership
Platform in Hours...Not Months




Discuss Some of the "Deadly Sins" of Memberships & Online Courses

Discover the challenges new (and seasoned) membership site owners and online course creators make and - more importantly - how to avoid them.


Explore The Pillars of Recurring Revenue

The four key components of successful, sustainable recurring revenue, and what goes into each of them to create a truly successful membership.


Look at a starter Membership Site Framework

I'll be pulling back the curtain to show you  the exact framework I've used with more than 300 clients to create successful, professional, and user-friendly membership platforms. 


Alleviate Tech Trauma

I'll tell you what you need to start, how much it's going to cost, what gets connected where, and HOW to get it done without wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars

Meet Your Host: Pam Carpenter

I'm a leverage strategist who works with trainers, coaches and consultants to turn their expertise into premium memberships and online courses so they can create more impact, more income, and more independence in their businesses. I'm a professional educator, so one of the things I'm best at is helping my clients create educational content that's actionable and get results for their clients.

I've been building membership and online course platforms for years and I've worked with clients like AdSkills, who've grown to over 6K members, Primal Health Coach Institute, Ari Meisel at LessDoing, and even ClickFunnels.

I have about two decades in tech, both as a web developer/designer and as an implementation consultant for software as a service. That's a fancy way of saying I bridge the gap between the tech guys and the people who need to understand how their software works.

I've been running my own successful membership for almost 5 years now. I've helped more than 300 entrepreneurs create, launch and grow their memberships in the last 3 years alone...and this training will get YOU started on the right path whether you're starting, struggling, or ready to scale!

What's that mean for you? During this live workshop, you'll be spending about an hour with someone who will help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing, address the mindset challenges standing between you and the business you ache for, and tackle the tech trauma that may have plagued you in the past.

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